Theatre in The Park

Unique Mode of Presentation…………..

Theatre In the Park is a new initiative that allows us to move into more daring venues in the name of theatre and give theatre a new meaning, a new audience and a new style!!  We present art in outdoor space especially artificial and natural parks i.e Uhuru Park, City Park, August 7th Memorial Park, Arboretum or at the National Park.  The shows are set up in a manner that is uniquely coordinated with a live band, stage area and the audiences are normally part of the show. The set is partly constructed as part of the show, presenting a dynamic art in its self that people need to watch (audience inclusive).

Undone Theatre Projects was founded in July 2008 by a group of experienced artistes with the desire for building audiences and cultural appreciation for the art sector through promoting authentic local and African work that carries strong and meaningful content.

We fuse several art forms in the same piece of work from music, dance, spoken word and participatory folk media with the audience (shortstop drama) all this art forms created simultaneously within the same production.

Chore Aims………….

  • We aim to achieve a new face for theatre and make locals aware of talent that can produce highly innovative work.
  • Put out stories that locals can associate with to entertain as much as educate them and tackle issues affecting Kenya, East Africa and Africa as a whole.
  • Bring theatre goers out of the comfort zones (auditoriums) and introduce them to a much more serene outdoor atmosphere with a natural unique ambience.
  • Attract new audiences and to impact positively in the domestic tourism sector by diverting local tourists to such productions when they visit parks, museums and orphanages.
  • Improve cultural appreciation by providing art lovers with new styles of enriching art representation in quality, uniqueness, and local/African experiences.
  • We aim at launching a simultaneous sobriety crusade to the Kenyan populace in view of empowering and equipping them with knowledge/information that does not necessarily have to wait for periodical events of euphoria.

 African Culture Treasure ...................

The mode of presentation, fusion and content cuts from our experiences in Kenya and travels through other African countries to draw similarities of practices, traditions and issues in Kenya and the African region.

Leadership, corruption and societal vices are day-to-day events in our society.

These stories are brought to light locally by local creators some written by writers from other countries and some told by our very own fellow citizens.

They are stories we can all associate to, a certain story in Kenya will be well received in Uganda as one that is made in Zimbabwe can well depict a situation in Senegal and the diversity of all this stories from our encounters in Africa are related in a way or another.

Kenya, East Africa and the rest of Africa are the same from culture, politics, society and economy. There are more similarities than differences.



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1. Dave: U Guys are definately taking theatre to the next level.